Escombro DIY


Escombro DIYMadrid, Spain

In what was once an abandoned patch of land covered in scrap concrete and littered with trash, a few skaters from Madrid saw potential. Sergio Jimenez, Peixter and Martin among others affectionately named the spot "Escombro" DIY, which means "debris", from all the trash they had to clean up before they could build. ESCOMBRO DIY ESCOMBRO DIY

Once they got the spot cleaned, they started skating there regularly - and once they realized that the police and neighbors didn't mind them being there, the building began. Welcome & Sk8Land Madrid were able to raise a total of €590 through #THEBUILDPROJECT which enabled them to build several more features to add at their new spot almost immediately. ESCOMBRO DIY ESCOMBRO DIY ESCOMBRO DIY

Stay tuned for updates on the Escombro DIY as this isn't the last time you will hear of them for sure. Peixter, Martin, Per, Yekull, Manilla, Slappyer, Guzman, Sebas, Kacol, Ra, Ibon, Borja, Fabrizio, Kuity, Andrea, Alvarito, Osito, Adri, Maikel and the rest keep working and working... ESCOMBRO DIY

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