The Ditch DIY

The Ditch DIY: Columbia, SC

Blue Tile Skate Shop

David Toole, owner of Blue Tile Skate Shop, has been skating “The Ditch” since the 80's. Naturally, when #THEBUILDPROJECT started up, he wanted to build there to keep the spot going. When our friends at The Skateboard Mag took a trip out to South Carolina to film this video, Blue Tile had only been using #THEBUILDPROJECT bucket for two weeks to raise funds for The Ditch. Regardless, Dave and the Blue Tile crew were able to get the spot cleaned up, build a few new features and have a great session. We love skateparks, but Dave is right – there is something to be said about skating a spot with all your friends, especially one that you've built.

Unfortunately, in the following weeks after the Build a hurricane touched down in SC causing severe damage to both Dave's house and Blue Tile's shop. Please help a fellow skater get back on his feet by donating what you can at this Go Fund Me page.

For more on The Ditch DIY's progress follow @bluetilesc