Deluxe Distribution - The Build Project

The Build Project

The Build Project is a REAL, Antihero, Krooked, Spitfire, Thunder and Venture worldwide fundraising effort with 250+ skate shops and local DIY crews to help raise money to build / fix DIY skate spots in their areas.

250+ BUILD PROJECT Fundraising Buckets were shipped to skate shops in weekly deliveries of 50 Buckets a week.

Inside each BUILD PROJECT bucket were $50 cash from Deluxe to help start the fundraising efforts, along with 'I Donated' stickers for anyone who donates.

Each participating shop had 30 days to raise money.

It was up to each shop / scene to push it and come up with ways to raise money / encourage donations.

All funds raised have gone directly to building / fixing a spot in each scene.

It is not a contest.

No one is looking to blow out any spots. Not looking to encroach on any existing efforts.

The Build Project is simply DLX's way of helping further push the DIY foundation in skate communities worldwide. Skateboarders can do anything - here’s just one more way we can all prove it together.