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The Build Project

The Build Project is a REAL, Antihero, Krooked, Spitfire, Thunder and Venture worldwide fundraising effort with 250+ skateshops and local DIY crews to help raise money to build/fix DIY skate spots in their areas.

It all began in July 2015 and continues to grow with the support of skaters and shops everywhere. To all who were a part, thank you. Skateboarders can do anything they want.

Thank You Skate Shops

Thank You Skate Shops

250 + Shops Worldwide - 100% of the Money raised went back to help build DIY spots in each of the shops local communities. To all who were a part - THANK YOU.

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No one questions a homeless tent.
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How To Build a cement Hip

Shaun Baptista- how to build a cement hip.
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The Build Project 510 Skate Shop

510 Skate Shop built a Jersey BarrierCheck out all participating shops

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