Venture Spring Drop 2 is for the streets. John Shanahan’s latest pro truck is a Pro V-Light with a polished hanger, black gloss baseplate, hollow kingpin and it comes in 5.6 & 5.8 with white 90DU bushings. The Star Team Team Edition truck features a polished hanger and baseplate and comes in 5.6 & 5.8 with clear 90DU bushings. The Paid V-Hollows have a polished hanger with a forged polished baseplate, hollow axle & kingpin, gold hardware and comes in 5.2 HI and 5.6 with clear red 90DU bushings. See you in the streets.

Krooked Spring 2 is here to help you weather any late Winter storms with a Gonz board on a new Anchor Shape, a new Manderson graphic on his signature shape, and Ronnie’s board on the GUERRO DUB, all with matching apparel. If that isn’t enough for you, we have new boards from Tom, Sebo, Ray, Gottwig, Eddie, Brad, and an Una board on the True Fit shape. All of that plus Embossed Incognito Eyes in 3 shapes, one of which is stamped twice for an adjustable wheelbase.

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