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Seasons Skate Shop : Albany, NY

With a legit DIY spot already well underway before The Build Project got started, Trevor Culley, Chris Battibulli and the Seasons Skate Shop crew used their bucket to help keep their build supplies flowing and get even more local skaters involved.


WE RAISED $500.00!
The Build Project came at a funny time because we have been building a pretty legit DIY spot here since last summer.
This summer, right before the buckets went out to the shops and everything, we finished a massive spine at our spot. Everyone calls it Gnarnia haha. Its a couple of abandoned tennis courts tucked away in the woods...but only like a 3 or 4 min drive from the shop. Anyway, we were moving forward full force while the build project was taking shape. We cheated and broke the thing open like a month or so ago to keep the supplies flowing. (I saved all the receipts of things bought so far though so well know how much we raised.) Within the last 2 weeks the owners of the property had 'No Trespassing' signs put up all around the spot. One of the local dudes got in contact with the property manager somehow and they claimed that one of the buildings located on the same property (also out of commission and hidden in the woods) had been tagged recently and that was the end of that. They aren't even pissed about the skating or the massive concrete objects built into the courts. They are pissed about the graffiti of course. We were doing this shit proper too. Jackhammering the ground out, proper pours, everything. We would do it on covert ops style missions with lookouts and all that.
Its the kind of thing where everyone who walks into the shop knows about the bucket and knows where the money was going without asking. We had a pretty sick thing going. That being said- I don't see the stuff being bulldozed anytime soon... In my mind we will be moving full force again come spring at the latest. Like I was saying before we had this rolling along before The Build Project but it definitely helped fuel the fire. The parking blocks on top are hand poured. My friend Tiger built the molds and made them at his house. The big party tent looking spine was kind of his baby. He ran that operation and called the shots. We raised almost 500 bucks all together and we plan on having the bucket out throughout the winter and into next year. Just keep it going for anyone interested in throwing a buck to two because everyone knows they gonna show up to skate the stuff either way, ha ha.
We stumbled on the location by accident and it ended up being perfect - just took a little bit more cleaning on our end. We've had a few run-ins with the cops so far but nothing major. They were more or less impressed by how much work we've put in but obviously still concerned with the liability issues, property rights etc. A friend I met through doing this project actually did some research and basically as far as we can see the spot is pretty much abandoned - no tax ID - no key owner. The CPO was pretty impressed with that. Basically as long as no one calls we're okay to skate there is the direction we've been given.

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