From The Road : SF to SD

Traveling, going places, getting out of your hometown, it’s the best. I started to feel a little bit stir crazy so decided to get on the 5 South and get together with some Deluxe riders in the LA / SD area.

“Hammeke, you got something going on the next couple days?”

“Mack, you down to go down south for a few days?” Easy and fun. – Bram


First stop; Arto’s. The best backyard setup. Drehobl and Hewitt came down for the day. Ronnie came out from Pedro. Feeble fakies, switch grinds and madonnas. Proper.

Ronnie Sandoval – Madonna. Photo : Arto Saari.


While he couldn’t make it, Manderson was there in spirit. Ronnie stoked on the cover!!!


Ronnie checking Hammeke’s angles.


Next day we all followed a pin to some undisclosed location. Trying to figure out our plan of attack with Brockel and Tim. “How many cars is too many?” “Will the Van draw attention?”


Hammeke was their to get it all captured on sd cards…


Ronnie doing some mandatory sweeping.


Tom Remillard was out and about too.


Little bit of team work and we’re good to go.


Definitely not an easy one since the owners put a crowbar to the pools surface. Dropping in straight to the drain doesn’t help either. “Let’s get out of here!!”


Back to Belvedere where these bros met up with us. Whats up Sebo and Massimo!!!!


Fuck Yeah Ronnie! Handled it!!


Last one for the day. This one was so dusty. After a quick 5 minutes all the camera equipment would be covered in white dust.


Like I said, it was really, really dusty.


The light was on point though.


And that’s tiiiiiime. Solid day with all these guys! More tomorrow!!!

Photos and Words By @bramdemartelaere