Antihero Skateboards: Arbitrary Function

Antihero skateboarders present to you the "Arbitrary Functions" of yesterday, today! Marking the finalization of the never ending search for stoke in our "Implosionistic Tendancy" saga, Enjoy...

"The Eyes" Video

Kader & Classmates

Mark Suciu Knows

Implosionistic Tendencies: 28 MPH

Thunder Trucks presents : Patrick Praman

Bobby Worrest's "Welcome To Venture" Part

From Here to There

Simon Jensen "Welcome to Krooked" Part

Spitfire's "Arson Department IV" Video


Implosionistic Tendencies: Auto Pilot

Kyle Walker Turns Pro... Again!

Justin Drysen's "Venture" Part

Gage Boyle's "Welcome to Spitfire" Part

"The Mermaid" Video

Spitfire Presents "DOUBLE A" Featuring Andrew Allen

Guy Mariano : Welcome to the Thunder Team

Implosionistic Tendencies: Garble Barf

James Wright X PLA

Tanner Van Vark Suprise Ad

Thunder X Pawnshop

Actions REALized : Dan Mancina

Two Stroke : Bobby De Keyzer

Kyron Davis : Welcome to the Thunder Team

Antihero Skateboards: Arbitrary Function