THERE Skateboards presents “A Homo Company”

From the House of ‘THERE Skateboards’ – ‘A Homo Company’ New Video!

THERE Skateboards is back with a new short video, crafted alongside Tanner Rowe, and the team. Capturing all the warm fuzzy good feelings filmed in the East Bay and EMB within a few weeks.

Starring: Chandler Burton, Shag, Marie De Courcy, Kien Caples, Cher Strauberry, James Pitonyak, Marbie, Jeffrey Cheung, and Kat Sy.

The cherry on top – the soundtrack scored by Cher Strauberry! Plus, a hush-hush live set encore surprise song.

Enjoy every moment of it –
Bisou Bisou,
THERE Skateboards