Atlas Skateshop: A Short Interview with Mike Manidis

We caught up with Atlas Skateboarding’s Mike Manidis on what’s going on in his scene.

Interview by: Cody Rosenthal

Who’s skating are you most stoked on in your scene?

Mike Manidis: We’ve got a bunch of team riders and homies in their late 20’s to mid 30’s with career-type jobs that are super steezy dudes and shred at a high level; Shaun Baptista, Wayne Nguyen, Danny Nguyen, and of course Joey Guevarra and Miguel Valle.

Otherwise, my crew of skate buds get’s me hyped.  Most of us are mid 30’s to early 40’s and still get out every weekend and skate street and then make little short videos. We call it Trip Report.

Atlas has a solid crew of dudes around the scene. If you could pick any 3 skaters, from any time period to ride for the shop, who would they be?

Bare in mind that Ryen would maybe pick differently, but I’m going to say, Cardiel, Busenitz and Ishod. Damn goofy footers. I’m a proud regular footer, but all my favorites are goofy. Carroll, Worrest. I really like the way that dude Magnus Bordewick skates too.

Back Tail. photo: Mike Hays

Some of the best of the best. If your shop was a beer, what would it be and why?

Now this is a great question! I’d say we’re a bit of a craft brew that focuses on quality ingredients and a lot of care put into the recipe. But definitely not a snobby craft beer that costs a lot of money, you have to drink from a fancy glass, and that shames people for drinking Tecate or PBR because we sure like them too. Maybe we’ll go with Blind Pig IPA from Russian River brewing.

Keeping it local, I like it. What is one of the most memorable moments running the shop over the years?

Pretty much anytime we do an event of sorts; skate jams, video premiers, art shows. To see the skate community come out to support, rip, and have a good time. You can really feel the love and support. I feel it now that everything is so uncertain. Premiering Mark Suciu’s Verso part was pretty damn special I must say.

Community is key. I can’t wait until we can get back to events & gatherings. What are you doing to keep sane during Covid?

It’s been a trip to break out of all of my old routines. I’ve been listening to audio books, cooking more, and teaching myself to play guitar. I did a few puzzles. Overall, trying to keep my expenses low and my spirits high.

Also, I’m so thankful that Atlas has a pretty good online presence so we have orders rolling in daily and also a little bit of money coming in to keep giving our employees some hours.

BS Smith. photo: Justin Chaing

New shop gear looks good! Ok last question – what trick has been giving you trouble lately?

Backside 360’s! I can NOT figure that one out! Ahh, skateboarding.

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