Somerville DIY

Somerville DIY

Somerville DIY Skatepark: Somerville, MA

Maximum Hesh Skate Shop

A Brief History:

On a typical evening, after a long day of work and skating, while relaxing with my wonderful girlfriend, my phone’s Instagram started blowing up. Friends and skaters in the community were asking if, “Max Hesh would get a bucket?" I quickly learned that Deluxe Distribution was helping skate shops build DIY spots and that Max Hesh WAS chosen. I immediately started thinking of all the things I have wanted to skate and the lack of skate facilities in Boston. There are even less skate spots in surrounding towns like Somerville. I thought about how much I would love some transitions to skate since I've skated ledges and curbs my whole life. 

The next day I made a post proclaiming the creation of a civic minded community organization to create and maintain skate spots in Somerville. Later, to be named, by way of vote, the Somerville DIY Skate Park Organization (SDSPO). I gave a date and time of the first meeting, stated that it was all ages, and declared two things were NOT up for vote; Skateboarding and Somerville.

We had our first meeting and elected positions. I am the president and treasurer. Other positions include community outreach, legal matters etc.... We based the roles on skills each of the members had. We did nominations and votes, functioning like a Union, and created terms and limits for each position.

The goal is very simple, to quote our mission statement, " to build safe, unique, and FREE skate plazas that satisfy the needs of ALL SKATERS regardless of age or skill." Reaching this goal will be challenging and we have already met some legal challenges with slow moving government bureaucracy. Therefore WE as a group are continuing to push, make calls, and do research to get this project done.

Somerville DIY I can't speak for all members of the group, but I grew up with punk rock, the DIY ethos, so that’s how we are going to do it. Yes, we need the publics help, we need everyone’s help that is willing, but I don't expect anyone to do this for the group or me. If I had to do it all by myself (and that won't happen with the great group of guys I'm working with) I would! This project will persevere because I won't give up, and this spot, park, skate dot, whatever it is, IS getting built, then we will build another, then another, this will never be done, and I accept that. One day I hope to pass this along to the younger skaters in the area. So far we have made seven additional buckets for local business. Other businesses are donating money, one place is making a special coffee drink that 25% of proceeds will go towards the SDSPO, another is donating 10% of sales for 30 days. I hosted an impromptu punk rock show fundraiser with local Somerville Band "OC45." More fundraising efforts are in the works every day. We made a private Facebook group to discuss topics throughout the day. We had been sending each other so many emails that our phones were crashing. 

This venture is happing. So many people want it, this city wants it. SDSPO is made up of fathers, lawyers, artists, punkers, and individuals that all have something in common, we all love to skate and we want this! We will count the funds at the end of the 30 days, but it won't be over, it has just begun. Somerville DIY

Somerville DIY
Todd Brugman– Maximum Hesh Skate Shop
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