Newport DIY

Newport DIY

Newport DIYNewport, Kentucky

Words By Gary Collins, Owner Galaxie Skateshop Newport DIY

The Newport, Kentucky DIY is located directly across the river from downtown Cincinnati and was founded by previous owner of Galaxie Skate Shop, Andrew Martin, in true renegade style. Fast forward a few years - I bought the shop from him and got the the city fully onboard, and was able to start securing funds to make more things happen through various fundraising efforts. Newport DIY First Quarter Pipe By Rob Ford

After a couple more years of building, the spot has turned into a midwest destination for rippers everywhere - all built by a crew of shop homies dubbing themselves "The Bridge Boys". Newport DIYBrennan Barton Newport DIYChad Newport DIYJohn Donnell

The spot continues to evolve and continues to have the full support of the City of Newport, including endorsements from the local Police Department, which is virtually unheard of. We've always had a donation bucket at the shop, but #THEBUILDPROJECT bucket seemed to work a lot better. Newport DIY Newport DIYZach Barnes Newport DIYZach Kinciad We raised nearly $800 since we got our bucket and have a bunch of projects slated for Spring. If you're in the area, stop through for a session.

Skate photos and video by Peter Martin