Cowtown DIY

Cowtown DIY

Cowtown DIYPhoenix, Az

An interview with
Josh Hawkins, Andrew Forrest & Tim Vasquez of Cowtown Skateshop

How did you find the spot to build? Was there a spot there previously?

There is a gap there with dirt run up that you might remember John Motta doing an early 360 melon grab over and last year Rayce Davis and friends built a quarter pipe there as well.

How many people were involved in the process of the build? Was it a lot of people from the shop?

There was a baker's dozen but the bulk was done with about six of us. Everyone that helped was involved with Cowtown in one way or another. Cowtown DIY Cowtown DIY

Arizona is known for their skateparks – is there one that is lit 24 hours a day? What did you guys do here to make your spot unique? With all the skateparks available, why do you think its important for skaters to build their own spots?

There is one called Dust Devil, its on the far West side of Town, small but fun. We don't know if it's unique yet, but we definitely laid the foundation for it to grow into something very unique. We think it's important to stay creative and think outside of the box. We weren't raised with perfect skateparks and or "Training Facilities" at our disposal. The feeling you get knowing the amount of work that went into building your own spot is something you won't get at a skatepark.

Is this the first spot you guys have built together?

This was the first time we all came together with such a large group.

Cowtown DIY

So – what exactly did you guys build? How long did it take? How much money did you spend?

We buit a 10ft flatbar, 10 ft wallie ledge, bank to bank with a coped wall next to it, and a 3ft pocket quarter pipe. It took about $600 so far. Cowtown DIY

Were you guys able to cover the cost of the spot entirely with money raised through #THEBUILDPROJECT?

Yes definitely! We still have funds to build more spots, so keep a look out for future updates. Also want to say thank you to everyone that donated, the money has and will be put to good use.

Didn’t your bucket get stolen? Can you tell us about that whole ordeal? How did you recover from losing the first donations? Was it hard to rally everyone again?

Yeah, that fuckin' sucked. Some piece of shit ran off with the bucket from our Litchfield shop. We never found the asshole that did it but thankfully when everyone heard about it they came together with true skate community love and raised more than we had originally lost.

Did you guys do any additional fundraisers or events to raise money for the spot, or was it strictly donations in your bucket?

No but we were fortunate enough that Cowtown matched the donations.

Is the spot still going strong? Do you think it will last?

It is and yes. Other than some shitty tagging we have to paint over again everyone has been respectful of the spot and nearby neighbors. Cowtown DIY Cowtown DIY

Any plans for the future? Add to this spot or make a new one?

BOTH! Cowtown DIY

Any advice to anyone trying to build a spot in their hometown?

Make sure its secluded enough to not get destroyed and plan on using twice the concrete you planned for.

For progress on their build, follow @cowtownskate and read their blog about #thebuildproject. We definitely haven’t seen the last of these guys, and look forward to seeing what they have in store for the future.