Dan Mancina and the REAL Team skate El Sereno Park

Dan Mancina and the Real team spent the day at El Sereno Skatepark in LA to roll with the locals. A few brave skaters threw on blindfolds to get a glimpse into what skateboarding is like for Dan. Thank you to everyone who came out and enjoyed the day with us!

What? You thought Dan wouldn’t help set up the event?

“So what’s this park got?”

The man of the hour!

Feeling it out

Dan sets his sights on the ledge

Dan was not alone…

Justin Bishop cruised out to roll with Dan! Two amazing skateboarders, that just happen to be visually impaired.

Front board pop out for the locals

Justin dips a front smith to back up Dan

Watch out!

It’s all about having fun

Adaptive rolling of all kinds

Then it was time for the kids to step into Dan’s world – blindfolded skating!

Jack Olson was down!

“Where am I?”

Dan’s signature bevel nose indicator

“It’s right there man!”

Dan gave a quick speech before throwing out some product

Bombs away!

“Later guys, who’s got the van keys? I’m driving!”

till next time…

Video filmed by Ant Travis / edited by Jeremy McNamara – Photos by Gabe Morford