Our Sales Guys Are Standing By


First and always - Thank you for taking the time to check out what we do. It truly is an all hands on deck / group effort here at DLX. The crew gets it.

They bust ass to try and make the very best in and for skateboarding and skateboarders.

This time around Catalog Camp was a bit hectic (I think the crew definitely hates me by now...) We piled it on and wanted to try and do more then ever - not do more products but actually do more good stuff for skateboarding, shops and skaters.

Its fucking heavy out there. For everyone. None of us know what will happen tomorrow. There are no guarantees or laurels to fall back on. For me it’s all about doing stuff today - everyday. Bust ass to make good shit happen. Do it today so hopefully tomorrow kicks ass.

In skateboarding we’re all kinda in it together. Despite our differences - we share the common bond of skateboarding. It’s on each of us to push to make shit happen. Collectively our efforts make skating that much better. We’re thankful to be a part.

The Build Project begins rolling out July 20. 250+ Fundraising buckets sent to skate shops worldwide. Simple goal - to help each shop / crew raise money to build / fix a spot in their respective areas. Its not a contest. What they build / whether they share it with us after - all up to them. Just as long as it started something in their scene - we’re stoked. We started each Build Project Bucket with $50 bucks to start the fundraising. Skateboarders can do anything and I look forward to seeing what this project starts.

Hopefully some of the efforts we put in to make this catalog inspire you to get out and push and make shit happen. Thank you for letting us be a part of what we love - It is never taken for granted.

Hit me direct with suggestions / comments and ways we can help