Worldwide Release April 11th 2011
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Everyone gets their start somewhere, for every am or pro skater out there, there is a hometown skateshop and community that has been behind them, pushing them and supporting them since day one. For Jake Donnelly and Dan Plunkett its JP Gillespie and the whole Sunday family out in Buffalo, NY. During the past couple years of endless touring and traveling Jake and Dan still managed to spend some time back in Buffalo and film a part for Sunday's new video Whatever the Weather.

Who else out there has been filming with their local shop?

If you've got something you filmed with your shop, show us and you could win whatever you want from Real, Spitfire, and Thunder. Video can be anything, your video part, weekend montages, web clips, commercials as long as you include the name of your shop in your post.

  1. Post up a link your video on the DELUXE Facebook page and enter for a chance to win your choice of any Real Board, a set of Spitfire Wheels, set of Thunder Trucks and a copy of Sunday's Whatever the Weather Video.
  2. We'll pick 3 clips to win!
  3. All entries must be posted by September 30th.
  4. On October 3rd we'll announce the winners and post the videos up on dlxsf.com.

Thanks to JP and everyone in the Sunday family for continuing to do amazing things for the Buffalo skate community and pushing skateboarding in positive direction.

Get 10% off anything from Real, Spitfire, or Thunder when you purchase the Whatever the Weather DVD at Sunday Skateshop from now through Sept. 30th.