Quiante Hoggard Interview

First the basics: Where are you from? How old are you? How did you start helping out around DLX?
Im from San Francisco, Ca. Im 17 or 18 that's up to the state at this point. As for DLX straight up answer is lurking at random times, I asked Matt D. if he wanted help with the Friday shipments. Then Bram (Venture TM) asked me if I wanted to help in the production of P-Rods intro to Venture. Then he also asked if I could paint the cans that ended up being used for the Gregg Mike x Real collab where Peter Ramondetta crashed through them. Soon after, Nate asked if I could help him with tasks, and ever since then I've been at the warehouse.
How did the idea for the passport REAL deck series come about?
The idea comes from random thoughts, I wasn't anywhere near a passport when I came up with it. I think one day i was on the bus with my friend Ian, and was like "You know what would be a sick graphic, passports", it was just random but i thought it was cool so i wrote it down so i wouldn't forget. The more I thought about it the cooler it seemed and the tag line being "Your boards can take you anywhere" came about.
Best piece of advice you've gotten from someone at DLX?
Don't burn bridges. Be nice but don't get pushed around. Life lessons from the warehouse.
Worst hazing you've gone through while interning at DLX?
I've been stabbed at (who hasn't at DLX). Painting all those damn cans.
When you first started skating who was your favorite skater?
Dennis Buesnitz, he was always bombing my hill before i started skating, then i found out who he was and i was like damn. Peter Ramondetta too, because he's the first pro i met, one of the nicest dudes ever. Scared me when i first met him, dude looks kinda hardcore, but he was cool.
When do we get to hear the next graphic idea?
When i get paid son! haha soon hopefully its hard when almost everything has been done, but their on their way.

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