Yellow Van Chronicles Premiere
The Yellow Van Chronicles tour video is premiering at 5 Points Skateshop in Ventura, CA this Saturday at 7pm. Watch Mike Anderson and his friends travel around the country having a blast and ripping spots!
Deluxestruction week of 3/31
This week Ishod gapped way out for the newest Burn Fourever video, the Rad Conspiracy Show exposed the truth for the newest Anti-Hero release, Matt Berger came through with a gnarly new Thunder Knows clip, REAL took a closer look at the new Wrecking Crew series, Brad Cromer filmed a full part on his iPhone for Omar and the doom sayers clubChris Pfanner got Profiled with an insane part and interview, Collin Provost dropped a 15 minute B-sides, Manderson spent a day checking out spots with Nieratko and released his new shoe, Nick Boserio and Alex Campbell dropped heavy parts in Two Up and to end it Lem Villemin turned Pro with a sick new part.