now you know...

3|20 Cardiel... one more to go!
John's Later'd #15 dropped today... Doesn't matter what john is doing, Skateboarding is a part of him as much as he is a part of it! one more to go... I was getting used to seeing these weekly clips too!

3|20 Up in the Southside!
Southside kept its doors open so we could fall around it last night. They had this sick cardiel wall art (2) courtesy of Mr. John Watkins - good stuff.

3|20 Adio Introduces The Torres V.1
Ernie Torres' first pro model shoe features a clean, basic yet durable design. A slimmer, more traditional athletic shape give his shoe a style all it's own. We top the whole thing off with all of the proven Adio skate features to insure durability and performance. Get yours now!

3|19 koston interviewed by Chris Nieratko!
In the newest addition to Chris' web site, Cold call is a monthly feature of quick, two-minute, retarded "interview" to some unexpecting skater. The first to get the call.. Eric Koston.

3|18 krolik's edit wins!
So we recently had a vote on the best Van Wastel edit. It was a close one, but Joe Krolik's edit won. We have also picked a winner of the Box of Krooked goods and will announce them shortly so be on the lookout, it could be you!

3|18 Cardiel Syndicate Pendleton
For those of you who haven't heard, Vans just dropped the illest Cardiel shoe series ever  The Syndicate Pendleton Colab. Working with the original Half Cab, Sk8-Hi, and Old Skool Silhouettes, Vans has issued limited quantities of each in three distinct colorways, all featuring genuine Pendleton plaids. We even brought out a special edition of John's latest board and wheels featuring the same OG plaid, so ask your local shop, or check www.vanssyndicate.com to find a dealer near you, and if in SF, stop by our Deluxe Store on Market St. Also, don't miss out on the contest to the right!! We will be drawing soon.

3|18 Matt Rodriguez
This photo rules - go see Matt up at the Hanger in Sacto some time. Good stuff. (Photo courtesy: The Skateboard Mag)

3|18 All I Need Premier this weekend!
Anthony Shetler is premiering his video, 'All I Need' (view trailer here) this weekend in New Bedford, Mass. Stop by if you are in the area. Should be a good one!

3|18 An nì chì na big, 's e nì na big.
Straight from the emerald isle better known as Ireland on a Saint Patrick's Day session, Paddy Murphy pops a solid ollie up and over whilst keeping in sprit of the holiday. Thanks to Anthony Peyper from Rukos Distribution for keeping the flow team rolling on Thunders, and shooting the pictures. What the little ones see, the little ones do.

3|14 Cardiel #14
In this episode we get to hear first hand experiences of John's accident, what he had to go through and how his desire to walk again overcame what was considered impossible!

3|14 Missing Girl from North Dakota
Brian Schaefer from Skate Park of Tampa sent us this: 'Missing Girl from North Dakota !!!!!!!!!! Please spread this picture far and wide.... You just never know.' - we don't know anymore - but hopefully it helps in some way.

3|13 Cardiel #13 on th 13th!
This episode looks into the Tent City video... the hill bombing is insane! By the way, vbs.tv has updated their site making it more managable with better downloads.

3|13 Jim reports from NC
So we got to the eastern's skate park tonight an hour late and nick fucking murdered it, Mic almost did a fucking flip dropping into the new bowl on someone elses board (backwards) and I suffered through whatever it was I was trying. It was a great night. Bobby was supposed to make it but missed his flight - 3 times! He shoed up in some lady's car just as we were leaving hooters and well... best to see what happened here - we have no idea.
the end of the world is near.

3|12 Mic-E Reyes
48blocks has a write up feature on Mickey Reyes, the biggest bad-ass of them all. Jim is in NC right now and sent in this report: We just landed in NC and mic found a rocking chair.

3|12 Tommy Guererro show in Austin, Tx. tomorrow
If you are in Austin, Tx. for the SXSW festival, be sure to stop by Buffalo Billiards tomorrow (March 13th) at around 8pm for this gig featuring Mr. Tommy Guererro.

3|12 Alex Irvine Photography
Alex Irvine has a new Wabshite. Feel free to browse it, feel free not to. Either way have a simply smashing day. Skate 'til your bunions ache.

3|12 Sidewalk Magazine
Now we're not to hip on the free indy hat - but - Sidewalk is fast becoming a favorite around these parts - if you haven't see it yet - check it out - and their Sunday service is the best. Pretty cool subscribe deal going on too...

3|10 David Clark's home town exposed...
David Clark shows some of his old spots over at atlantahatesus.com.

3|10 First Grind
This Sunday was a 3 park day with the highlight being Jack's first grinds at Fairfield park. Yeah I know proud dad and all that but it was cool as hell. Anyone else got any shots of their first grinds? send 'em in!

3|10 Why Wouldn't You?
Check out the new trailer for Dave Hupps skate flick, "Why Wouldn't You?" is nearing completion and set to drop next month. (News courtesy of skatedaily.net)

3|07 Cards Episode 12
epicly later'd cardiel #12 continues with more on John's amazing skateboarding... episode 11, and in honor of this, we have a new contest for you to enter...

3|07 Chima n Domps in OZ
Update from Choi in Oz.: Here are some snaps from the Volcom Sydney trip. There's also a clip I did for the Slaughter comp on the volcom website.

3|07 Congrats to Spitfire and Thunder rider
Peter Watkins. Thrasher cover, April 2008.

3|07 Erik Ellington
The new Berrics Battle Commander. Sick footage!

3|07 Tommy Guerrero's new release party
Tommy's new record release party is tonight, March 7th in San Francisco, at 12 galaxies-sf.

3|07 Cruz Skateshop
Our friends over at Cruz Skateshop SF's premiere shop for fans of the roller derby are having a grand opening tonight. stop by and check it out!! There will be beer.

3|07 K-Dub Hood Games Film Fest.
The Hood Games Film Festival is this Sunday in Oakland, Ca @ the Parkway Theater from 2-4pm. Check it out if you are in the area!

3|07 Dag nasty with the OG singer
After a good session and a pain that fills your whole body cause your joints are totally fucked - this thing is fucking amazing!

3|06 Cards Episode 11
It's that time again for epicly later'd cardiel... episode 11, covering two of John's best moments of sickness and some rarely seen footage from and old Deluxe video. By the way, be on the lookout for possible chances to win some limited edition plaid gear later today.

3|06 Wednesdays with reda
Koston and Berra gave Reda a camera and a weekly show - that must be some good shit their on.... Check out his first installment with cameos from Daewon, Marc, Carroll, Castillo, and Mr Rick Howard.

3|06 Bst. Bowl Bash photos
Check out some shots of the Bst. Bowl Bash from Slap Magazine's Judd this past weekend.www

3|05 Tonight on Law and Order
if you are as big of 'law and order' fans as us, you will tune in to NBC tonight at 10pm/9c to check the new episode with some pretty epic spitfire product placement in there. if you're a fan, you've got to check it out.

3|05 AH's latest
Cardiel & Stranger approved. Chris Pfanner from the Paranoia Paradise video.

3|05 canadian real rider, antoine asselin
check out some sick footage of our canadian real rider, antoine asselin. the kid has been injured for a while and we are stoked to see him back on board ripping.

3|05 Back on board...
Krooked flow kid and amazing Austin, TX guide/sandwich maker, Ryan Holloway has been out with a shoulder injury. He just got back on board and his been skating Capitol Skatepark in North Austin. Check the footage from Rob G's website.

3|05 Vox coverage
Check out Hewitt, P-Kid, E-man, and Strubbs taking over the BMX park in Glendale, AZ. over at the Thrasher site.

3|05 Lewis Marnell wins S.O.T.Y
Congrats to Lewis Marnell, Slam Magazine's Skater of the Year in Australia!

3|05 Erik Ellington - Battle Commander
This Friday Erik becomes a Battle Commander at the Berrics! While you're there check out Mike Andreson's footage skating with Mikey Taylor and several other rippers.

2|29 Limited Edition Pitcrew/Krooked Board
Head over to Pitcrew Skateshop in Frederick, Maryland tonight to get your hands on this limited Krooked board. They won't last long...

Antihero collaborator and hometown boy done good, Jay Howell, has got his Punks Git Cut show coming up this month. Not to be missed.

Come out tonight to Milk for the hip hop clothing driveand see The warehouse's own micah aza in action. Get all the info here.

2|29 Just a jealous guy @ The Berrics
Not sure if you've been following the saga at the Berrics - but all seems right in the world now.
ps - word on the street is the Real van was seen there a week ago...

2|29 Tommy Guerrero's new release - return of the bastard
A few days ago, Tommy's new record "return of the bastard", was released. celebrating 10 years since his first release "loose grooves and bastard blues" this one is sort of a sequel... on galaxia. get it at streetlight or amoeba in sf or on itunes, etc... There will also be a record release party in San Francisco, March 7th at 12 galaxies-sf.

2|29 Matix Presents Lord of the Lines... epic edit!
Our friends at Matix put together an epic edit of the L.O.T.L. contest, with follow-cam angles, rider interviews and the truth behind Jeron Wilson's now-famous L.O.T.L. artwork. And keep an eye out for L.O.T.L. in 2009. A new course. A new beginning... Click here to see the video!

2|29 For no good reason
Our friend, Ryan Flynn, in the ATL has a new project. Check it.

2|28 Cardiel #9
In this episode John Cardiel describes his experices with Mic-E and Andy Roy... Drunk ass bear... classic! Can't wait to see the all Mic-e episodes!

2|28 Come skate, my friend.
completely insane video of Uganda's first skatepark. These kids are seriously doing it. If you want to help out go here. Thank you, Boardmaster!!

2|26 John Cardiel Ltd. Plaid Release!
Antihero and Spitfire are proud to announce a special Cardiel plaid release... click here for details (Click here if you don't have flash)!

2|26 B St. Bowl Bash this weekend!
Don't miss the B St. Bowl Bash March 1st @ 28th & B St. (The Hanger) in Sacramento... close to the gubernator's mansion. Signup starts at 10AM, Contest at high noon. 1st 50 to sign up only so get there early! Judges' panel includes Trujillo, Gerwer, and Cardiel.

2|26 Tommy G Method!
this is why my everything hurts.. somewhere on the east coast..perhaps jersey..? circa 86-87. note stacy peralta on the mic

2|26 March Madness at Small Empire Skatepark
Small Empire Skatepark out in Flanders, New Jersey is having their March Madness event this Saturday Mrch 1st. Highest wallride, mini-ramp jam, best trick contests and a BBQ? Sounds like a good time, go check it out. Click here for more info.

2|26 Joe Lopes Ramp Jam Footage form '83
Thrasher posted a great clip from years back that You need to go see. Right now. Go!

2|25 James Hardy
>ok - here's the deal James Hardy is an animal. If you haven't seen him skate in person - holy shit - he stomps his shit so hard it's crazy. He's been on a straight up mission this past year filming for the Fallen Video. Probably spent about a month in total at home. Its nuts. He was able to to 'take a break' from his world travels to get with the Real team at the Berrics last week and it was great having him in the mix. Wait till you see some of the stuff he's sitting on - its gnarbuckle.

Here are a few shots he sent us from Mexico (he flew straight there from the Berrics session).

2|22 Peter Hewitt graces the Skateboard Mag cover!
Peter is sick! I guess you might be too... if you got to skate Washington St. every day... maybe. probably not.

2|22 The Berrics
Last week real made a trip to the Berrics - look for it soon. It was deep - Jake Donnelly, Justin Brock, James Hardy, Peter Ramondetta, Nick Dompierre, JT Aultz, Massimo Cavedoni, Dennis Busenitz, Huf, Ernie Torres, David Clark, Aaron Chilen, Gabe Morford, Darin Howard... and some old guy and his son... maybe he had keys though...?

2|22 Adidas launches a new web site
so go catch up on Mark, Dennis, and all the other riders on the team!

2|22 Tommy's new album reviewed
Tommy Guerrero's new album gets reviewed over at download.com... which means, you can probably also download some tracks... and an inteview!

2|22 New spot in NYC
Krooked up in this bitch!

2|22 Bobby Worrest is everywhere.
He even made it into this video over at birdhouse.

2|22 Leo Remoro gets Medieval
Leo showcases his new castle-like home over on Thrasher's burnout... guess those Thunder/Spitfire royalty checks are paying off!!

2|22 Epicly Later'd Comes through with #8
Fucktards is the focus of Cardiel's episode 8. Classic video! One of the best for sure.

2|21 The new Cardiel Episode
Is sick! Epicly Later'd answers yesterday's call for more episides... Here's #7.

2|20 The unofficial release of the Spitfire cardiel ad...
So by now you may have probably seen the new Spitfire ad featuring Cards going around... glad to see that it is stoking everyone out! Here's a clip from a classic antihero video for you to feast on. I guess those Epicly Later'd shorts aren't coming out fast enough!

2|20 Inside the actors studio
Bobby Worrest lets down his guard in this brilliantly honest and sincere interview by Rory Sheridan of 29films.

2|19 New Zealand's Bowl-A-Rama was this past weekend...
A huge thank you goes out to Andrew Morrison and the whole New Zealand crew at Irrom Distribution for helping support this past weekends Bowl-A-Rama contest. Andrew placed 5th in the Masters division congratulations Morri still rolling strong! For more insight into the New Zealand skate scene check out Manual Magazine, you can either go online... or if you are lucky find a copy of their 10th anniversary issue which includes "Plastic Trophy", a really good video featuring a handful of our flow riders, as well as full part from the master of disaster himself Mr. Morrison. Check out the trailer here!

2|15 Even More Antihero coverage
Pstone adds to his large collection of web clips featuring more from the Antihero team and others at washington street. Heddings rips it!

2|15 The latest Thrasher Burnout
Covers a mass amount of shredding days, including some spent with James Hardy among others.

2|15 New Epicly Later'd Cardiel Episodes up!
Episodes 5 and 6 up. Go there now!

2|14 Pete Eldrige can skate switch way better than most...
check out his 10 TRICKS at the blackbox park.

2|13 If mike could be like...
Why don't you go on over to Crailtap and vote on the Carroll-Rambo graphic now! Wait, I'll bet Rambo's gonna be quite popular this year!! Speaking of Carroll, you should also check out his interview on 48blocks.

2|13 Chicano Parke guey!
P-stone captures some street skating and a little more than he may have wanted in his latest clip from down south. Check it out!

2|12 Mt. Helix
P-stone continues to expose the Antihero team... check it out!

2|12 This dude here!
Fuck this dude on way too many levels. Maybe they aught to send Chris Nieratko to roast his ass too!

2|12 Customized big mike deck
Check out what the crew did with one of the big Mike decks. Inspirational for sure. Much love guys!

2|12 Lo-Res Viscera
We got a lot of love for warehouse enforcer Jason - even if he does relish the hate. Check out his site for some truly scary shit.

2|8 this photo fucking rips
TG - too fucking good!

2|8 Now serving episode 4
Those were the times!! 4 episodes down and so much more to go. Here is More Cardiel if the internets get boring today.

A show curated by one time Krooked Guest Artist, Rich Jacobs, is coming to Needles + Pens in San Francisco SATURDAY FEB. 9TH. Support it.

2|8 Good to FTC you
Come celebrate with Fourstar Clothing and FTC for a night of art and music this Friday, Feb. 8th 7-10pm @ FTC 1632 Haight Street.

2|8 On the road update...
Dave exposes the Deluxe Sales Crew hard at work (huh?!) at ASR... and Oliver delivers a wizard staff instruction video starring Thunder/Spitfire rider Billy Marks & friends, Thanks to Daniel Haney and Active Mail Order!

2|7 CCS Top 5 Skaters To Make It Big In '08
CCS Top 5 ams they think will blow up this year includes Krooked's very own Brad Cromer and Spitfire/Thunder rider Sean Malto. Check it.

2|7 The Real Video Reviewed...
Low Card product reviewer non-extraordinaire Lorenzo Joneson reviews The Real Video (1993)... check out what he says about it, and other random and obscure skateboarding? products... and if you never saw it, get your hands on a Real Vaults Vol. 1 DVD so you can at least see James Kelch's part.

2|7 P-stone's got some Antihero coverage
of Ryan McWhirter (a.k.a Peabody) and Robbie Russo at San Pedro on the thrasher site. Looks like there's going to be more soon too!

2|7 Cardiel's episode 3 up!
Cardiel's Epicly Later'd episode 3 is up on vbs.tv... wait'll you see what is coming in the near future!

2|6 Adio Introduces the Nick Dompierre V.1
Congrats to Nick Dompierre. His first pro shoe, now available through Adio Footwear. Demand them in your local skateshop.

2|6 Skatebook.tv
If you have not checked it out yet, Skatebook has a web site with video features of everything in the book, including a great video interview with Max! A must see! you can also purchase skatebook here as well if you can't get your hands on it anywhere.