Colorado Legend Justin Shardy and his girlfriend Christa were attacked outside of his house last week. While at home they responded to the cries of a women being hurt by some men, and in the process, both were attacked and injured. While Christa’s injuries were less severe, Justin sustained some major bruises and breaks to his face and mouth. He has broken bones in his face and jaw, a split lip, and several teeth that were knocked back. These will require a multitude of screws, plates, and surgeries. Justin will be going into surgery early next week so he will be out of work for a while.

Justin and Christa were there for a complete stranger in their time of need. This situation could have happened to anyone of us. Now they need our help. We all know they would go out of their way to help any of us. We are asking for any sort of donation you might be able to give in order to ease some of the financial burden created from hospital bills. Tooey’s will be holding a benefit on June 25th, with plenty of fun, booze, and a great silent auction! You can donate in person or online at