Real X Krooked - The Blunder Down Under

Ten full days in OZ with the REAL Krooked crew you can only begin to imagine that the amount of skating and photos was insane. There was too many amazing extras not to share.

Here’s the first of what we hope to be many more outtakes collections and stories from the master lensmen himself, Gabe Morford.


Sebo Krooked Ring, Brisbane Sebo busts out his rare Krooked double finger ring before heading out to skate in Brisbane.


Ronnie Backside Boneless, PerthI can’t remember but one of the guys put a cash challenge on this backside boneless. Ronnie took the money with ease. This was the night before the most crowded demo I have been to. I just watched these guys rip and didn’t shoot any photos.


Momentum Skate Shop, Perth The guys signed some posters at the skate shop for at least an hour. I guess there hasn’t been an international skate team out to Perth in a couple years. It was cool see all the excitement from across the street. The guys were champs and skated 100% at the demo.


Krooked Shadow, Sydney I thought this looked pretty cool. I’m far from artistic so I like to joke and call shots like this “art”.


Bobby Switch Front Board, Canberra This was a hectic session for me. A bunch of the dudes were trying tricks but they all needed different angles and different light. I think I shot some stuff from this side of the rail then moved to the other side to capture the rest.


Bobby Ishod, Melbourne These guys relax after a crowded skatepark demo. The park had no transition just ledges, stairs and rails so it was a lot of up and down. These guys gave it there all and hung with the kids.


Ishod Backlip, Sydney  Not my finest photo of an awesome trick. The light kept changing so I kept adjusting my flashes. I made a last second change to my lights but didn’t turn down the power of one of them which effected the duration which effected how sharp the image is. Please enjoy anyway.


Ronnie Soccer Bowl, Manly Beach We kicked this ball around to get the legs warmed up between driving and skating. It think it helps bring people together on trips cause you have to work together to keep the ball under control.


Robbie Brockel 50 50  We had scheduled BBQ stop at this skatepark in the middle of an all day drive. So Robbie stretches his legs out with this tall order.


Bobby Signing iPad Signing of the times. Bobby signed this kids iPad at the Brisbane Demo.


Ishod frontside bluntslide, Brisbane It rained the first day or two of this trip so we skated some covered ledges at a rec. center. This was the first spot we skated in the streets hard to believe isn’t a skatepark.


Ronnie Wind, Sydney This day brought gusty winds and rain but it was no match.


Robbie Nose Grind, Melbourne Robbie rolled his ankle two days before this trip and wasn’t going to come. He started mellow on the trip just cruising when he could and was eventually able to push himself. This spot was perfect, push as fast as you can and ollie as high as possible.


Ishod  Push, Sydney Ishod goofs on the extra production that goes into making skate videos and photos. Roll ups and spot reference photos after he landed his trick. Kinda his fault, he gets to a skate spot internally sizes up the spot and then does his trick.


Ishod No Comply, Canberra The dudes skated this spot right up to the time they need to be at scheduled Skatepark BBQ. The guys shredded the park without messing with the big bowl.


Tour Itinerary and Van Essentials Quite a bit of driving on this tour but a well organized trip help to cover ground and skate tons of spots.

19-seboposter 20-bobby-switchtre

Bobby Switch Flip There was a couple spots at this school but there was an after school program. The people at the school sort of kicked out but we negotiated and only skated the parts of the school that didn’t have kids playing.


Ronnie Sandoval Feeble Grind, Canberra Ronnie can skate it all, but I think this was the biggest rail he’s feebled.


Sebo Switch Crooked Grind, Perth I think Sebo had his mind set on some other tricks for this spot but the brick run up and his super loose trucks weren’t jiving.


Ronnie and Bobby Demo, Brisbane The dudes held it down, skating the demos and hanging out with the kids.


Sydney –  The Gang’s All Here.No park too small, these dudes can make the best out of anything.


Sebo, Perth What a view? Sebo wanders the west coast of Oz.