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Tommy G. Interview from the brown issue
Posted by: newbie (24.143.142.---)
Date: July 10, 2005 07:41PM

Afterlife: Tommy Guerrero
Big Brother, Issue 56 (The Brown Issue)
By Dave Carnie

Whatís your heritage?
Part Lithuanian monkfish, and cornballio.
There you go with the Thomas Campbell thingÖ
As Jeff once put it, the derailment of association.† No, but Iím a mutt.† Iím the epitome of an American.† I am Aloney, which is a Native American tribe from the Bay Area, Iím Filipino, Iím Portuguese, Iím Chilean, and thatís the gist of it.† Itís funny, Ďcause Tonyís not brown and neither is my mom, so everybody trips out on that.† They always think Iím adopted.
Remember when you used to wear different color Converse and riot gloves?
Oh, dude, it was the shit.† What are you getting at?
I just liked the ensemble.
As the kids say, ďMad stee.Ē
When I say the word brown, what comes to mind?
Shit.† I mean, no matter what you ingest, it comes out brown, right?† So thatís kind of the same deal.† Youíre gonna end up brown, anyway, in a shithole six feet under.
Did you have any brown heroes?
Actually, I canít say that I did growing up.† But I always thought when I was younger that I would grow up to look like Greg Bradyís father.† He was like the quintessential father icon for our time, so I always thought I was gonna end up being white, but something happened.† Iím still a non-cracker.
Without talking about your music, tell us what youíve been doing with yourself as a washed-up pro?
Just working at Deluxe every day and trying to keep my head from falling off my neck.† Making junk; I make junk.† Not as in heroin, but as in crap.† Tangible junk.
I see it pop up every once in a while.† We always see it at our little skate art shows that we go to.
Yeah, little art-fag shit.
What do you do at Deluxe?
I wear many different hats, Dave.† One day I wear a boot on my head so I can kick people with my face.
Well, speaking of kicking people, why does Deluxe turn kids pro and then kick them off?
Why not?† Isnít that the American way?
I guess so.† Theyíre expendable.
Yeah.† Humans are expendable, obviously.† Iím just as expendable as the rest.† I mean, look at Powell.† I didnít get rich.† I was probably the lowest paid out of everybody, for sure.
I was going over everyoneís graphics in my head recently, and I canít remember what yours was.
Mine was the fuckiní flaming knife, the dagger!
Oh, thatís right.† All I could come up with was the vato rat.
You remember the first board, with the roses and a lightning bolt down it?† Kevin Ancell did that graphic, and that was a derivative of like a lowrider.† Like the knife was actually the grill of an old car.† Thatís why it had the V-8.† The actual blade was the centerpiece of the grill.† That was a cool graphic.† George Powell was out of town when it got made, and he hated it, so he made them change it.† No matter what I thought, you know.
Yeah, he seems like quite a guy to work with.
Real flexible.
Okay, Iím gonna give you an opportunity to talk about your music.
Itís sort of a cross between Ė well, I canít really tell you.† Itís a secret.† No, right now Iím just doing this band called Jet Black Crayon.† Weíre going on tour with Isotope 217, a West Coast tour.
What are you assigned to in that band?
I assign myself to the bass guitar.† Two bass players, drums and a DJ/sound engineer.
Is this like a world music project?
Itís like dance/Afro/Caribbean/Haitian/love/snow chain/unicorn/fast.
The derailment of association.
Itís anything thatís at the end of a rainbow.
Arenít you putting out a second album?
Yeah, Iím doing that with Moí Wax right now.† I just finalized the contract today.† And then Iím working on another weird little thing with Galaxia.
The first one actually sold pretty well, didnít it?
Yeah, considering we didnít do any promo, it sold really well.
Itís awesome Ė well, itís not awesome, actually, itís really annoying.† Itís awesome that you were successful, but to go to a skatepark and have them playing that first album of yoursÖ† I canít tell you how annoyed I am, skating to that music.
Why are they playing that?
Just Ďcause itís Tommy G.
Oh.† But it doesnít pump you up.
No, it doesnít.† It makes you want to sit down to tea.
And drink decaf coffee and eat little biscuits
What was it like creating street skating with huge names like mark Gonzales, Natas Kaupas and Mic-E Reyes?
If you think of the streets as your canvas and your board as a paintbrush Ė
Dude, that analogyís so beat.† I just heard that yesterday.
No way.† Someone didnít say that.
Bill Pepper uses that one all the time.† What street skating trick do you regret doing the most?
It has to be the hazard.† I mean, come on.† That was my little thing, and john Grigley, he could twist himself into a little pretzel.
What was your favorite?
Ollie to grab stuff off jump ramps, probably.† Just ollies and stuff.
Did you and the Bones Brigade, you know, gay off?
Didnít you ask Tony Hawk that?
I ask everyone that rode for the Bones Brigade.
And he said heís not sure?
There was something questionable in there, actually.
Well, the answerís no.† but if we did, we could probably have made a book and made some money off of it.
Whatís San Franciscoís best burrito joint?
La Taqueria on Mission, right off of 25th.† The bomb.
Is that the heroin burrito?
No, no.† Thatís right on 24th.† Thatís El Farelito.† Itís open till four in the morning, and you go down there and hope you donít get killed until you get a taco.
Whatís the best Mexican beer?
See, my personal favorite is Tecate, but I believe thatís like Strohs of Mexican beer.† But I know Pacificoís good too.
Are you getting fat?
Actually, Iíve never been able to pinch an inch.† Bums me out.
How old are you now?
Thirty-three.† A little note: On my 33rd birthday, it was 9-9-99, and I was born in í66 and I turned 33.† Pretty funky, huh?

Re: Tommy G. Interview from the brown issue
Posted by: stick (154.5.23.---)
Date: July 10, 2005 08:01PM


Re: Tommy G. Interview from the brown issue
Posted by: dburg (152.163.100.---)
Date: July 10, 2005 08:05PM

good stuff, hes the same age as me

Re: Tommy G. Interview from the brown issue
Posted by: nutter (64.170.115.---)
Date: July 10, 2005 08:24PM

stick Wrote:

i second that... hey does anyone read the skateboard mag alot? cuz i know dave carnie works over there but is it the same kinda stuff when he writes?

Re: Tommy G. Interview from the brown issue
Posted by: bill (24.4.114.---)
Date: July 10, 2005 09:33PM

Re: Tommy G. Interview from the brown issue
Posted by: bill (24.4.114.---)
Date: July 10, 2005 09:34PM

Re: Tommy G. Interview from the brown issue
Posted by: bill (24.4.114.---)
Date: July 10, 2005 09:35PM

Re: Tommy G. Interview from the brown issue
Posted by: BSD (69.215.10.---)
Date: July 10, 2005 09:55PM

thats ludacris!

Re: Tommy G. Interview from the brown issue
Posted by: stick (154.5.23.---)
Date: July 10, 2005 09:57PM

Carnie's writing is always good. He's just a little more reserved now. If I had lots of $$$ I'd hire him to do a new magazine.

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