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Current Page: 1 of 5's awesome story thread?
Posted by: pjn (69.144.25.---)
Date: October 05, 2009 05:24PM

Where did it go? I got to read it a little bit at lunch and wanted to fully engross myself in it now that I'm done with work.

Damn. That was some amazing literary shit. Made my brain hurt in all the right ways.

Re:'s awesome story thread?
Posted by: bad seed (75.171.245.---)
Date: October 05, 2009 05:41PM

He won. Your loss. I bet you could request the transcripts. He said he was submitting the correspondence to Harpers. Maybe Excess would be a better venue for the prose of a dud named Bearded Pete who sustained a head injury & was subsequently awake for three days.

Re:'s awesome story thread?
Posted by: pjn (69.144.25.---)
Date: October 05, 2009 05:49PM

Nah, Harpers would be a good place for them. There is always some fucked up shit in the Readings section. They seem to love completely retarded email correspondence between crazy people.

Maybe I will get a chance to read it there in a few months. I need to re-up my subscription. The Lowcard one too.

How did he win? Did he get his $45 or stab the kid that got raped?

Re:'s awesome story thread?
Posted by: Panda Watch (216.74.175.---)
Date: October 05, 2009 05:58PM

I still don't get it.

Re:'s awesome story thread?
Posted by: fgd (76.115.45.---)
Date: October 05, 2009 07:03PM

Brief recap...
House show. Kid asked to leave. Kid breaks a tree in the yard. pulls plug on show. Simultaneous disagreement about the amount from the door that went to the house/bands. gets into scuffle with resulting kicks to the head. He then sets out to destroy the band and the kid who wrecked the tree. begin rant.

Re:'s awesome story thread?
Posted by: Panda Watch (216.74.175.---)
Date: October 05, 2009 07:05PM

Ahhh...thanks. Well, destroying trees and kicking duds in the head is lame, so if anyone asks (they won't), I'm on Beardedpete's side.

Re:'s awesome story thread?
Posted by: bad seed (75.171.245.---)
Date: October 05, 2009 07:08PM

I have some fucking Russian olive trees in my back yard that need to be destroyed. Is that band with the rape bus on tour?

Re:'s awesome story thread?
Posted by: Joon525 (68.197.222.---)
Date: October 05, 2009 07:27PM

fgd Wrote:
> Panda,
> Brief recap...
> House show. Kid asked to leave. Kid breaks a
> tree in the yard. pulls
> plug on show. Simultaneous disagreement about the
> amount from the door that went to the house/bands.
> gets into scuffle with
> resulting kicks to the head. He then sets out to
> destroy the band and the kid who wrecked the tree.
> begin rant.

This is the Cliffs Notes excerpt I was looking for in the original thread.
Hope everything works out though.

Re:'s awesome story thread?
Posted by: (76.115.1.---)
Date: October 06, 2009 01:26AM

again guys thanks for all the support...I got the apology i was looking for..Im not iterested in pursuing this any longer.. Lets let this all go for now...

Re:'s awesome story thread?
Posted by: reckless life (99.170.145.---)
Date: October 06, 2009 01:50AM

still got that rampy in your house?

Re:'s awesome story thread?
Posted by: (76.115.1.---)
Date: October 06, 2009 02:02AM

were working on this things. well have some sort of indoor ste up of course for rainy day sessions. the yard was a huge undertaking.. working on something what will be big. wont be done til spring..

Re:'s awesome story thread?
Posted by: (76.115.1.---)
Date: October 06, 2009 12:33PM

here it is again. the apology wasnt real.. Have fun!! You owe all me one..

Re:'s awesome story thread?
Posted by: (76.115.1.---)
Date: October 06, 2009 12:34PM

you asked what I was gonna do as I remember.I think Im sending this to Harpers.YOURE MOVE!

8:25 AM 9/30/2009

Youre shit stinks...

Thats really how you treat a venue that opens it doors to you "twice"! Unbelievable...SO
This started over a tree being destroyed in my yard and ten or more people jumping me . apparently youre allowed to do whatever you want at my house. Thought I was providing a service, not a gym for people to fight. all these kids were talking about was fighting. Why so much shit talking. I can replace window. I cant replace trees..So. I lived in austin for 5 years and have done shows there and in oklahoma and oakland for ten years where Im from. Im holding Adam responsibile for everything. There wont be shows until he makes it right. So Yannick from Tragedy will have to get the rest of this so fretted hundred dollars so D clone can play next week. I got 55. I wanted a hundred. youre friend seemed to know a lot about that and wanted to intetrfere in that as well. Im going to hold adam accountable for knowing assholes like you. thought you would understand. You guys dont and will be held accountable for the assholes you keep as company. They were the ones looking for the fight all night, but youve already made up your mind. you kids are naive and word will get out about you. . Looking forward to seeing any of you guys, one on one. You wanna blindly defend your asshole friend, than Im more than willing to attack adam for the money we agreed to and refuse to do shows here anymore for you guys. Why should you care how your actions affect people in a town you dont even stay in. Get the fuck out of here and dont come back. When you guys do. I will definitely see all of you. Other than that an apology would be nice..

3:43 PM

Gonna stop by record stores and make sure theyre not carrying your record. Got to explain to them about your tourbus, and how your more geared to an mtv crowd your band is and how you guys front..A lot of people are worked up cause they werent there. my friend Dave who plays drums in transient was flipping out cause he wasnt there to do anything about it. We both do a lot of shows in Portland. The word is spreading about you. Adam might be able to fix his reputation with these people., but you definitely wont be able to, unless you come over here with a fucking apology. You can blame your friends if you refuse to blame yourself..

3:48 PM 9/30/2009

The other message was written very hastily. I was very wound up. Whats up with the tour bus? Looked pretty nice. Youre good buddy claimed a whole bunch of shit that is false. Says he lives at my old house I lived at 5 or 6 years ago my friend Dempsey and Sean Shit started. He says that he can come over to my house and do what ever the fuck he wants cause I stopped by one day to visit my old buddy sean, but as far as I know this kid with the glasses is a little bitch that has been lead to the conclusion that he is something special. Nobody Ive asked remembers him. .Does he still live there? thought that house was gone. Maybe been there "once" for less than five minutes to visit sean or mark in the past 3 years. I fucking hate that house cause "kooks" like him started saying there. But I dont remember ever hanging out there or with him. I dont recall ever meeting him once. It was an oogle nest.. .the kid with the glasses . Ill remember faces....that kid doesnt have anyone to visit over here though, not at my house. PLEASE destroy trees in your own backyard not in mine. Its not pulling on a branch. the kid took the whole tree down.. theres no reason for him to be over here. He said he was here for the bands, but he was in the backyard looking to get involved in defending someone that is destroying my property.Whats his name. ? Says hes got my number. WHY? Ive never met him in my life. What is he all about. ?Why is he looking to start shit and why are you willing to back him up?A lot of people are wondering why Adam cant commit to what he agreed to. Youre buddy seemed to be most concerned with the money and every time he comes over he talks shit to me. So that will be the last time I deal with your good old pal that was hiding in your giant Tour bus well after the point he was asked to leave. Ive never in all my years dealt with assholes like you. And from what Ive heard so far just today the general sentiment is that you guys are a bunch of spoiled pretentious little brats looking for a fight. At least thats the crowd you would draw. Im not gonna waste anymore time right now preaching a bunch of shit to pretentious vegan judgemental shits . Fucking Assholes. FUCK!

11:39 PM

You guys dont check out at all. Im gonna keep doing shows here but adam and his company are banned from here and not allowed to do shows here because of you and your company. But really, people think your band totally sucks. Its hilarious. People that are in good bands think your band sucks. No one was at this show cause I didnt tell any of my friends. The only reason your show was good last time was cause of me, not Adam. Fuck you guys. Youre name is trash in this town. Im learning who youre fuckwad friend is by the minute, but its hard cause noone knows who the fuck he is, but everyone is in agreement that adam is gonna suffer for this one..Assholes..

12:41 AM 10/1/2009


You guys are the ones to be talking. thank god you finally did. Go home you generic fucks. ten of you pussies on one. way to go. the pink spandex is part of it? You like that in your photos. You talk shit. Is that part of it.? Think this wont come back. ?It already did. Fuck you guys. "Kooks go home" you are the kooks. Now get the fuck out so we can rip out to some real fake shit. D-Clone motherfucker! "Kooks go home!" the thrasher interview..I get it..You guys are tough shit...We get it..lynchmob mentality. Fuck you guys. Youre highlighted hero of the night is Adam who is banned as fuck along with youre fake as fuck internet pumped jackoff waste of shit friends. but the kid with the glasses. thats youre problem. If you dealt with that than no problem, Fuck you and your tour bus. Jackoffs like you need to play at the east end. Get out of my shit. youre too dumb to understand services rendered. Tankcrimes is wasting their time with you and youre shitty toxic holocaust rip off yellow vinyl. just ripping off a little bit of everybody to survive.. Youre shit is so weak. YOu aint toxic holocaust. You guys are pussies. nothing original here...waste of my fucking time. didnt know 100 bucks entailed getting murdered. Its guys are real. I believe you, but honestly you all are young dumb full of shit snot nosed pricks. and Im gonna spend all day letting people know. Im gonna swing by adams work and let him how much your band sucks because of the company you keep. Get it.

...From ANS

8:07 PM 10/1/2009

Hello I’m Joe, and I play drums in ANS. Initially I wasn’t going to respond to any of your messages but the threats and falseness of your writing has gone too far for me to ignore anymore.
Firstly I would like to comment on your passing judgment on all of us. You don’t even know any of us, at all. We are all not even vegan. We have a shirt that makes a comment on vegan beliefs, but only one member of this band is even vegan. This is a very asinine thing for me to be irritated with I understand, but it is simply the start. It is absolutely none of your business how we came to acquire our tour van, but if you must know I was molested as a child at a YMCA and through certain circumstances the fuckwad was unable to be criminally prosecuted at the time concerning my specific case (there were about 30 others), so my parents were advised to bring a civil suit against the YMCA in hopes of changing that. When I turned 18 yes, I received a check and chose to do something productive with it, and bought that van. Since then I have rented it and driven many other bands on tour as well as my own, and I feel have given back quite a bit to the DIY punk scene that I love. While none of this is any of your god damned business, I felt the need to clear mine and the band’s name before you go about spewing more nonsense to people about us. So no, we are not “spoiled pretentious little brats”, and we are/were not by any means “looking for a fight”.
Secondly, as to your claim of doing shows for 10 years, I in no way doubt that you have, but I will question whether or not you have learned anything from doing it? I wasn’t outside when everything began, so I can’t make any comment as to how things were handled out there, but I can say that by coming in and unplugging the band while they were playing was definitely more instigating than anything. It caused tensions to rise and for people to become more aggravated than anything. Like I said, I wasn’t outside to see anything, but I feel that there’s a sure chance that things outside could have gone the same way, and that’s what led to most of the events of the rest of the night. I am in no way shape or form saying that it’s completely your fault, but I will say that you are not completely devoid of fault. Also, as for doing shows for 10 years, when has a house venue ever taken $100 from a show with a touring band? No matter how last second the show was, I can find no reason as to why you would require $100 to do a show at a house that you have decided to be a show house. Taking that much money off the door from a touring band is most definitely not at all a punk thing to do, nor a necessarily ethical thing to do either. I can attest that I know people who do house shows in all the places that you claim you have (Austin, Oklahoma, and Oakland), and can honestly say that I have never seen or heard of a person attempting to do something like that at a touring band show.
As for all the threats that you have made in your correspondence with us, how is that in any way a positive thing? If you weren’t attempting to come bring the situation to a concise and positive end (as I’m sure you weren’t), what exact image or point are you trying to drive across about yourself? The only thing that I have gathered from your emails is that you feel a sense of entitlement for doing shows, and feel that you have a sort of power over people involved in the Portland scene, to the point that you feel you can extort money from people in order to have shows happen. And yes, extortion is exactly what you are trying to do. The D-Clone show and Yannick have absolutely nothing to do with this show, and there absolutely no reason that myself, my band, or Adam should have anything to do with whether or not that show takes place. Furthermore, threatening Adam, as you did many times, is absolutely ludicrous. Adam was inside playing the entire time that the fight was occurring, and in that way had absolutely nothing to do with it. You cannot expect him to police the entire show. As for your threats to “see all of us” when we return, through the extensive research that you claim to have done on us you would have probably figured out that I do live in Portland when I’m not on tour. So yes, I do feel the repercussions of what you claim that we have done.
As for the fight itself, none of us were involved with instigating the fight at all. When all that nonsense was going on in the back yard, we were all watching Autistic Youth play, and had no clue what was going on when you came inside and abruptly stopped the show. The entire time that everyone was arguing and yelling things at you, we were standing around and trying to figure out whether or not we should break our stuff down and leave, which is what we started doing as soon as the lights came on in the show room. The only time that my singer and guitar player became involved in the altercation was when one of our close friends became involved in an actual physical fight, at which point who would not try to defend their friend? I in no way support or condone the actions of anybody involved with the fight, as I am a strong proponent of non-violence, but I can understand where everybody involved with my friend was coming from. Another point that I would like to make in reference to you blaming us for the people that came to the show and the people that we “keep as company”, while yes they are our friends, we are not their keepers and cannot be held responsible for any of their actions. If you chose to blame people for what they have done, I can’t fault you for that, but it is in no way, shape or form our responsibility at all to police our friend’s actions.
To touch on the money situation again, and your attempts to extort money from Adam and myself, I see no logic in it at all. Adam has described to me in detail all the discussions that the two of you had on the cost of doing the show at your house, from the initial talk of him agreeing to do the show for $75, more if the show did exceedingly well, to you telling him to not worry about the money as you unplugged his amp and stopped AY from playing, to you stating you should be paid more than the touring band, to you agreeing to take $55 for the show. I trust that what Adam told me is true, and based on that I see no reason why you should receive any more money for that show. I also find absolutely no reasoning in my mind as to why that should have anything to do with cancelling the D-Clone show. If you want to cancel that show based on a personal decision to avoid anything like that in the future, then that’s absolutely fine and nobody can be angry at you about that, but by saying that you will cancel the show unless Adam or ANS collectively pay you an additional $45 (which would make it more than Adam ever agreed to pay for the show in the first place), you have become an extortionist.
As a final subject to make my opinion clear on, your newfound hatred for my band, I would like to make a few quick points. While you are entitled to your own opinion on whatever you want, none of us really give a god damn about what you think about our band. As for your statement that we have made a response to you with the song “kooks go home”, that song has been posted to our myspace for the past year and a half, since it came out on a 7” last spring. In no way shape or form could that song be construed about you or the events of the other night, which would have been simple for you to decipher had you taken the minute it would have taken to read the lyrics which are posted there. Lastly, to call us Toxic Holocaust rip offs and a waste of time for Tankcrimes records? That absolutely shows me exactly how little you paid attention to my band at all.
In closing I would like to say that I’m sorry that this situation ended as such, as I do like going to your house for shows, and have done so on multiple occasions over the last year, but now have absolutely no desire to even drive down that block of Cook street anymore. I have to say that I am ashamed at the state of the punk scene right now that things like this occur with any sort of regularity, as I have heard they do in this city. I’m not sure what I hope to accomplish by sending you this, but I felt the need to make my sentiments known.


Joe, and ANS

10:45PM 10/1/2009

Havent read all of this message yet

But first of all your beloved friend was asked politely to leave a dozen times. you guys kept him there. Ive been writing all day to everyone about this and maximum rocknroll. Adam is a liar. It was hundred bucks. this is not about extortion. After talking to you. Ive decided to cancel the d-clone show. and your name is on it. you need to come over here and fix it. the shows not happening. No more shows. this is on you. just for you defending someone I wanted out of my home. You dont know anything about me or the situation. you want to talk extortiopn, youre a deadman. You wouldnt understand, cause indeed you are a trust fund little bitch. Fuck you!

10:47 PM 10/1/2009

actually I misread your message. I thought you said the van was molested for some reason, my apologies. you are not a trustfund kid..still reading...

11:01 PM 10/1/2009

the agreement was 100 bucks or I didnt want to do the said I dont give a fuck if youre on tour either. 100 bucks was the deal. the venue is worth it. I do all the fucking work, even security. YOu dont know what the fuck youre talking about. those kids were on acid I heard. they wouldnt leave. I dont like punk so much. its for little kids Im more into Gothic doom and black metal. And I dont give a fuck about your punk "scene". .A deal is a deal. Its only 45 bucks more. its not extortion, its what we agreed too. I was willing to take a little less, no less than 75. the cool thing is that I barter. Im sorry you didnt draw a bigger crowd, I didnt invite the "scene" you think youre a part of like I did the last show. Thanks for helping and cleaning up though. and thanks for holding me down so I could get kicked in the back of my head.

11:05 PM 10/1/09

Thanks for your time.

I do appreciate it. but adam is lying. he didnt want to even give me anything. you have everything so wrong man.. thats why this fight went down and its not even close to being over. I need to find your friend with the glasses and you need to go. Sorry you didnt get to burn down my house.

11:28 PM 10/1/2009

Please call me.

503 839 8872...then adam is so full of shit dude. I totally misread your message earlier about the van. Ive been really worked up all day about this and Im done with it. It is so bold though to say Im extorting money. Ive replaced so many broken windows, got beat up, thrown the best shows that kids will remember. I put every ounce of my soul into making this a good place for shows. 90 percent of the shows I do I get nothing. im offered nothing or Im offered and I take nothing. You had nowhere else to do the show. I was helping adam look. I really honestly didnt want to do this show here again. YOu wouldnt understand unless I explained it more elaborately. Yannick and I have an agreement for 75 dollars to do 3 touring bands. Id rather go to work. Im gonna call in and work from home that night. I would have made a gauarnteed 65 working but Im gonna do the show for 75. I told him I was willing to barter, bands usually get paid more than they do at satyricon. Its becoming quite clear that money is what this fight is all about. you got things ass backwards though. Its not about the money. Its the principal. the fact you feel touring bands are entitled to thrash my house without getting money ever for damages. nobody helps me clean. I deal with it. Ive bought kegs with my own money. Im not making money dude. youre just talking to the wrong people and believing things that are untrue..the main problem of the night was the kid that wouldnt leave when he was asked. I never throw people out. he said some crazy shit. Who is that kid.? where can I find him.? he is the one that started all of this and if he is your beloved friend then you know him well enough that he is capable of starting a mess like that. he was in the van at the end of the night way after he was asked to leave. This is so frustrating you think I dont deserve the money we agreed on. This venue is only for people that want to respect it. maybe next time youll get youre buddy to go down the street and wait for you instead of beating down the host with your ten friends. that next time wont be here though. again thanks so much for taking the time to explain your point of view. It is all about the money just in a different context than I had previously understood.thanks and..take care..

11:36 PM 10/1/2009

Im Blown away by this though...

f youre friends cant police themselves than "yes" they do need to be policed so I dont have to call the police..If someone is in my house that i dont want there. they got to go. you dont try to keep them there. you became part of the mob because you were totally unproffesional.

6:18 AM 10/2/2009

[I still have not heard from Joe. the messages I have sent have been marked read]


Im gonna straight up kill you motherfucker and a judge and jury is gonna side with me over the whole thing. My computer is gonna get confiscated and there gonna see how passionate about this I am. and youre this kid thats living in your giant tourbus going crosscountry collecting friends. just like you do on myspace. We didnt have myspace ten years ago. We wrote letters.

You set me up! Thats why Autistic Youth played last cause theyre just a local show. After the touring band gets to play, that will give us enough time to get aubrey to pull his tree down or someone will fuck his shit up. He doesnt have security. Will just threaten to burn his place down and get outta there. Fuck him, yeah fuck him for even asking a hundred bucks thats ridiculous.. It didnt matter if they played or not. Adams playing dumb about like you will. You just seriously fucked with the wrong person.

At this point Ive been up since the show. Have you ever been held down and repeatedly kicked in the back of the head? ITS FUCKING SERIOUS DUDE!!!!!!!!!!!IM NOT FUCKING KIDDING!! YOU COULD HAVE KILLED SOMEBODY! YOURE FUCKING CRAZY. Dont give me your crybaby I was raped at the ymca shit, thats why I bought a tourbus ,but Im not a trust fund kid. my mommy couldnt do that for me then so I did this shit now. I dont give a fuck! You have a tour bus. Deal with it. YOure a fuckwad and you wear that on your sleeve for even owning that piece of shit. Fuck You. So what if you got raped. Ever gotten kicked in the back of the head? Didnt think so. ? Why dont we have the show at your house? Oh because you dont have one. . YOu are so fucked for even insinuating I might be about extortion. I have a reputation of being one of the hardest working people in this town. you are my natural enemy. You just want to take things from here and use people to boost your ego and fill up your gas tank the little amount of time you are here. You are bad news. Its good you have a business cause I can say I have worked with you twice and you fucking suck and he got that bus just cause he got raped at the ymca.You have unresolved issues. YOu need to really deal with this. Maybe Adam and you understand each other. maybe theres some I got raped when I was a kid now I gotta trustfund gonna buy a tourbus travel the world lifes a vacation attitude Im missing out on. you rely on these "punks" so much but most of them will be gone, you cant be in a band and suck off of kids in each city. I dont think you even know what its really like trying to find a job in this town, yet a place to live. I think youre naive and I appreciate your blatant honesty about the situation but Its like Ive been up 3 days and what am I suppose to do. Watch my back.youre too smart not to threaten me on the internet, but everyone saw what you all did..I dont give a fuck what your problems are or how you fix em, but I know the answers to all your problems, but Im gonna just tell you to fuck off and die for your blatant disregard to the damage you have caused me. Of all people, after hearing what you said Im shocked that you did that to me. I lost someone very very close to me once because of idiot football jocks like you. Im lucky to be alive..You dont think its serious? Its a skull fracture. Fuck you. I know the solution to all your problems. Why dont you get a job at the ymca instead of using my house to jackoff your unresolved shit. Youre gang is done. Its done. Done..Who the fuck is the kid with the glasses? Is he dying of aids or something. Is he suicidal and if you dont let him do whatever the fuck he wants than hes gonna kill himself? Sum that one up for me. Who the fuck is that? THATS Way more important than your cliche bullshit punk rock politics. They dont mean anything here. you guys are tourists..? The balls you have for telling me Im responsible at all for getting kicked in the back of the head. This is ass backwards. youre trying to fix something thats not broken. Dont talk shit on Portland. You say theres a problem here more than where. Who made you the fucking expert. you mess with little kids..youre selling something. Its a product. youre a fake..Its pop punk done really bad..Should be on nitro records.. youre hot topic. youre a salesman...

Let me whisper this into your ear.....When I walk around with this crack in the back of my head and I feel it for the rest of my life. Every time I will think of you....And every band youre on tour with you can think about the ymca paying for the actions of their rapist employee. Its good they paid out. Thats what any responsible party would do. Only an imbecile would buy a tourbus with the money. Every time your in that doing things for punk rock you can justify everything in your head every which way that youre doing good. but its not real is money dude. its not a big deal. but I work for mine. and doing shows is way harder than regular work. Im one of those people that always has work. I know where to find work.

filling up your rape mobile with gas money is not worth my house getting burned down.youre going coast to coast throwing parties. I have a great venue Ive worked hard at. thanks for criticizing my unfinished skate ramps. you guys dont even skate. If your 23 and not from here. you shouldnt be calling anyone kooks. I never thought you were calling me a kook. was pointing out your ignorant band lyrics. maybe it was sarcasm, couldnt tell. ..Im tired of coughing blood. Im gonna hunt and kill you before I die..Youre looking for a war..I couldnt see everyone that was kicking me in the back of the head, but no band I have ever dealt with would do that. You made a few inaccurate assumptions, I will make many...

2:28 PM

you need to fix things motherfucker. Im gonna trash you guys so fucking hard. I dont give a flying fuck about money. You started a war with me. Big Fucking Mistake! I want a fucking apology. How dare you tell me how to run things in my home. It is a privelage to play here. NOT a privelage for me. Im letting everyone that does shows know about your tourbus. youre so dead motherfucker!. you need to start taking this more seriously...

3:35 PM

Im gonna find out where you and your tour bus are. Im spreading the word like wildfire. sent you messages on your personal myspace. Fuck you. Every secondd that goes by where this isnt fixed. you suffer. By the time Im done with you, youre gonna sell that tour bus cause no band is gonna wanna travel in your rape machine...YOure so fucking dead man..

3:45 PM

Its none of my business, how you make your money, but plenty your business how I make mine. Youre a dead man..

7:44 PM

Youre buddies name is kurt. Im dealing with your problem.

Re:'s awesome story thread?
Posted by: (76.115.1.---)
Date: October 06, 2009 12:45PM

I equested DLX remove it after I got my apology from the band...the apology wasnt real. A band from Canada and Japan are playing next week. To confuse the whole situation even more. I have now declared myself a racist after the fact, to deflect the scenes hatred towards the tour bus. I dont care if you try to lynch me in my backyard..Ive really twisted this so hard that i think the F.B.I. is gonna come bust my door down, and i will get charged for felony hate crime and inciting a race .riot. At this point Im telling everyone in town that the problem only started because of him being black and not the tree at all. I figure since this kid is their only black friend he can do whatever the fuck he wants. He comes to all the parties, I wouldnt even ban him if he didnt beat my room mate in the back of the head with a grill brush. anyways those guys are the racists. I just start shit. I live across the street from the oldest Blood bar in Portland. Bloods rule Portland. Im teling this kids, Im a cook st. crip. Me and my imaginary gang are gonna go to the 1222 and tell them that there happens to be a white supremacist hangout right across the street. Hes a crip and he tried to hang a black kid in his backyard..this is why I do shows..Right? Yeah....lets have a race war...great idea. Id rather lock all the little ewoks in and burn the motherfucker down myself. Cant believe they didnt know they were playing a white supremacists hous.. I dont care how many kids hate on me because of the way I break down people and admit things..SAVE this blog! and these writings, cause the F.B.I. wants all of it by now its so this story to your harddrives...

Re:'s awesome story thread?
Posted by: fgd (87.237.219.---)
Date: October 06, 2009 12:50PM

I've never even thought about entering the 1222. I just marvel at it each time I go by wondering about its inner workings.

Re:'s awesome story thread?
Posted by: (76.115.1.---)
Date: October 06, 2009 12:51PM

I guess as long as I get my little story out of the deal than Im happy at this point of let this get so out of control..the original message is what really went down...Im doing good things at negative Cook St. NO we are not raists, we are just screwing around a little with these kids and showing them that there is a real skateboard community, but you also shouldnt be fronting or exploiting skateboarders like these guys..It is indeed impossible working with me...Call me a racist all you want but I dont do this for the money..I just dont think these kids thought it through. kicking people in the back head is serious business.

Re:'s awesome story thread?
Posted by: pjn (129.72.186.---)
Date: October 06, 2009 12:57PM

Now I'm confused; I didn't read shit about race in the long myspace message back and forth.

This is awesome. Entertainment today.

Where is the fake apology?

Re:'s awesome story thread?
Posted by: headlock (75.62.177.---)
Date: October 06, 2009 01:03PM

this is insane!!

Re:'s awesome story thread?
Posted by: (76.115.1.---)
Date: October 06, 2009 01:30PM

it shouldnt make any sense at this point..Thats why it will be so perfect for Harpers...

Re:'s awesome story thread?
Posted by: (76.115.1.---)
Date: October 06, 2009 01:32PM

I will buy this off you guys later..SAVE TO HARD DRIVES!!!will post more later. Do NOT DELETE!

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