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Watch and Win! Davis Torgerson's REAL Flow Trash Giveaway

Davis Torgerson's part in the new Real video Since Day One is set to drop March 28th, 2011and some how in all the madness of filming for it Davis managed to get a full part for his friends video "Flow Trash" back in his hometown of Minneapolis too.

We know Davis isn't the only one out there filming for their local skate videos, if you've got a part you filmed recently, show us and you could win!

  1. Post up a link to your own video part on the REAL Skateboards facebook page and be entered for a chance to win any 3 REAL boards you like and a copy of the new Flow Trash video.
  2. Davis will pick his 3 favorite clips to win 3 Real boards each and a copy of the video.
  3. All entries must be posted by Feb. 16th
  4. On February 19th we'll announce the winners and post the videos up on for everyone to enjoy.

Thanks to Tim Fulton, Philip Schwartz and Pete Spooner for continuing to put out rad videos and supporting the Minneapolis skate scene.

Buy Flow Trash Here.