What is your full name and where do you live? If that is your real name... Massimo Cavedoni. Irvine, Ca. Where are you from? I was born in Johannesburg, South Africa, then came across the pond to New York when I was 4. Why does your name sound so European? Both my parents being Italian has something to do with that but I'm not sure what yet. So you're Italian right? What's your favorite pasta dish? Yup, moms lasagna tops the charts. How long have you been stuntwoodin'? Probably like 12 years. That's a decent chunk of time on the board. what's one thing you've seen happen on a skateboard that completely blew you away? First video I saw had Ricky Oyola ollieing two of the love cans off a propped tile that wasn't any bigger then a curb cut. What's your favorite video? Probably Trylogy or Photosynthesis. What was up with Blind back in the day? I don't even know some how I was on the team and not at the same time it seemed, I never even got to skate with those guys, it was a pretty weird situation. I see Evan Schiefelbine and James Craig pretty often though so that's rad. I'm basically just glad to be where I'm at now, a part of DLX. So you just quit your job at FedEx for a full spot on the real team. Is that fucking sick or what? Hell yea. The timing somehow worked out good because my last day of work was a Friday, my birthday, then went to a wedding that night and left for that Real trip from LA to Denver the next day, and it somehow all like stacked up right away perfectly. How have the Real trips been going? They've been taking you on more and more lately right? Yea they've been sick, right away they've been lined up, every other 2 weeks there's been one so it's cool to finally be on them. What do you think about the multiple trips to Starbucks every day on trips? Do you think it's healthy? I don't really partake for the most part, but anything can be healthy in proportions, just maybe not those proportions. Tell me one ridiculous thing that Justin Brock has said to you in the van? Well, the most recent was how he was so bummed on the smell of his finger the first morning into the trip like 2 weeks ago. Whats the stupidest Jake Donnelly moment you have ever experienced? "Well it's from multiple blows to my ass," he tends to say or do things sometimes without thinking them all the way through. Why is Biggs so creepy?? Because the weed has real talked Biggs' brain into a tornado. Gabe Morford is my all time favorite skateboard photographer, what's it like shooting with the MAN ?? Gabe is definitely the best, he basically doesn't stand for bullshit and says it how it is kind of thing, so its pretty much always true and funny, just a good guy to be around. How many reality shows have you been on living in the OC? Unfortunately I've only made it into one, but I think I had two cameos on the show. I had some vague BGP's in Sheckles show that was filmed at some contest, and i guess my other cameo was also just a blurred image at Make-A-Wish, some how sadly I got on the show twice I guess. I feel kinda violated since I never signed a waiver or got any cash for it. Worst trend in Orange County? The huge sunglasses girls wear. Best trend in Orange County? The huge sunglasses girls wear. Who is your favorite Liberty staffer? O'Connor gets rowdy quick. Who is the gnarliest dude on Real? I'd have to break it down with Ramondetta and Dennis. Justins definitely there too. They're just the kind of guys that are skating all the time at every spot. Who is your favorite Real alumni in the following list: Joey Bast, Kelly Bird, Drake Jones, Salmon Agah, or Coco Santiago? Joey Bast, he had a pretty good over all street flow of skating I think. Where do you like to stay more when your in SF and why? Biggs' house or the Newell Unfortunately or maybe fortunately, I'm not sure yet, but I've never stayed at Biggs' manner, I've only visited. John and Gio and the rest at the Newell are good hosts though, I always have a good time staying there. What's the worst thing you've ever done in front of your mom? Taken a deuce with the door open. If you could be any animal what would it be? Either a dog or a bird, cause dogs just look comfortable and are having a good time, and being able to fly would be sick. Long Islands all night with Nick or coffee all day with Gabe? I think both have their advantages, but I've witnessed the Long Islands with Nick, so I'd probably go meet up with him for a drink. No offense Gabe. Would you rather skate a handrail with Peter or a hill with Busenitz? I don't know if I could hang with either of those guys at that point, Pete would be done skating the rail while I'm still riding up to it thousands of times, knowing I'm not gonna skate it, and Dennis would already be out of sight. Who do you skate with mostly when you're at home? Who's the crew? Usually the bros that are still around at home and still skate, usually Nick P, Cameron, John Choi, and Ruoff. Who is your most favorite skateboarder of all time and why? I'll give it to Pepe Martinez because I remember he was the first dude who's skating i got hyped on when i started out. rip Thanks and shouts? Mom and Pops. Bros. Claudio and Sandro. Acosta. Network17. Shiefelbine, Rob, all the Matts, and the rest at Liberty. Jalden, Darin, Mic-E, Jim, and everyone at DLX. Joe, Jamie and Robin and the rest at Vans. and all the homies.