Blood thirsty killer. Its not everyday that I really get "blown away" by someone's ability on their board anymore. Don't get me wrong, I'm not jaded and I still get impressed. But Davis Torgerson has been stacking shit since day one.

I first saw Davis kill it at Tampa Am. And I know, closed course, typical park run shit, but he flowed and did shit. So I asked him to send me a tape. First tape, killed it. Seriously, I showed everyone that would watch it in the office. Ask around, it played over and over and over.

Then I went to Damn Am in Minneapolis, his home turf, so-to-speak. Again, killed it, not only with hooking up Body and Mass with some local merchants, but skating the park. Again, I know, closed course, typical park shit. But I've never seen anyone do a nollie hurricane on a flat bar. I was impressed. So I told him I'd bring him out to SF as soon as I could. But instead I planned a trip from LA to Denver, stopping in Salt Lake City on the way. Davis murdered everything on the trip, seriously out for blood.

Nick Dompierre was so stoked, he wanted him on the next trip. So we got him on the next trip, ATL to NYC. Not only did he keep his killing spree alive, he's actually a nice kid to be around, he fit perfect in the van, didn't take up too much space. Keep your eyes peeled, watch your back, Davis is coming.

Welcome to the team Davis.

-Darin Howard